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Commercial Finance

What are the different commercial finance options available for my business?


Commercial mortgages and development finance


Asset Finance and Leasing


Financing trade and expansion


Traditional and alternative sources

There are a considerable number of commercial finance options on the market, each of which is specifically tailored to meet the needs, requirements and trading circumstances of a wide range of businesses and projects.

A business might seek commercial finance if they have reached a point where growth is imminent. Sometimes there is an obstacle in the way of attaining necessary growth – and that obstacle is funding.

Commercial finance ensures that businesses, regardless of size, can thrive and hit their targets, rather than miss out purely because they must wait to generate enough cash to re-invest for themselves.

Commercial finance is essentially a way of providing working capital for businesses.

Commercial finance is used to purchase, build or develop any property which is used for specific trading purposes or professional enterprises. It can be used to secure finance against a wide range of business-related properties, from retail units (such as high street shops and shopping centres, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and showrooms) and office spaces to car parks, factories and leisure facilities and is used by anybody from developers and limited companies to sole traders and investment companies with rental portfolios.

Our holistic approach to meeting clients’ needs allows us to offer a blended solution, encompassing many different types. ABCD Capital is here to provide you with full support for any commercial property development project that you may have. To speak to one of our trusted, talented people, contact us today.

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